Sheds Shelters and Hangars

Arch Shelter Fabric Structures
Fully Enclosed Fabric Structures

 Enclosed Arch Shelters

Ground Arch Shelters are designed to sit on various ground types like a tent - most common ground anchors include bolts, stakes and screw piles.  Available in Single or Double Truss Beams.

Sports Arch Shelters Pavilions and Halls

 Sports Arch Shelters

Relocatable Fabric Structures are ideal enclosed buildings and shade for sports.  Fabric is a great cooler in Summer, Warmer in Winter.  Available in Single or Double Truss Beams.

 Work Site Arch Shelters

Work Site Arch Shelters are great shade covers for loading and unloading areas.  Valued shade for road works, mining sites and agriculture sites.  Available in Single or Double Truss Beams

 Dome Arch Shelters

Dome Arch Shelters are used for storage, paint bays,  workshop spaces and even small aircraft hangars.  Dome Archies are available in Single or Double Truss Steel Frames with PVC or PE Covers, 

 High Container Shelters

Placing Arch Shelters upon stacked containers provides up to 12 m height of solid steel walls.  Excellent for protecting canopy from hazards of welding, machine drivers and poor security.

 Container Arch Shelters

Smaller shade or enclosed shelters are also perfect when attached to containers.  Containers usually have the bulk of needed ballast to cut back on concrete and can be moved quickly

 Hull Arch Shelters

Hull Roof Arch Shelters are perfect for Aircraft Hangars, best shape for the empennage.  Wind slips smoothly across canopy to reduce drag and summer heat rises to apex keeping humans and animals comfortable.

 Inflatable Arch Shelters

Air Arch Shelters are taking the world by storm and perfect for many needs.  Aerostat (Air Supported) and Air Tube models will be a big part of this year.  Quick and easy to raise and dismantle.

   Welcome To Arch Shelter

Fabric Structures come in many shapes and sizes. 

Arch Shelter specialises in industrial fabric buildings and shade structures for industry and events.   Tell us your needs and we will  design, source, arrange manufacture and  Splash Structures  will handle all installations.

WE DO NOT RENT  though some of our international suppliers of bigger industrial tents can do this for larger structures i.e. 20 meters wide plus.  We can arrange leasing for most structures and can on occasion locate Used and Ex Rentals particularly from the Events and Exhibition Industries from Europe or China.  

Hull Arch Shelters

Made from strong double or single truss beams, hull roof shelters make great storage, work and factory areas, packing sheds and aircraft hangars.  This shape is the best wind handler, takes hot air to apex and snow slips away.

Dome Arch Shelters

Available in single and dou​ble double truss beams Dome ​Arch Shelters are available up to 40 meters wide.  They have a myriad of uses, e.g. ultra-lites, packing sheds, agri and work site shelters.

Hangar Arch Shelters

Fabric Structures make excellent hangars, shade and temporary workshops for aviation and air strips.  Beat the heat and hail with low conduction fabrics and strong but fully relocatable beams.

Double Truss Arch Shelters

Fabric Structures are used for many types of sports halls, e.g. ice rinks, tennis courts, basketball courts, gymna​stics studios and indoor cricket. Double Truss frames add extra strength and stability to the structure.

Clear Span Arch Shelters

Clear Span Arch Shelters are considered safer if there is a chance equipment or vehicles can clip the canopy.  We now have access to clear span up to 40 meters wide, and all of our popular Australian models.

Container Arch Shelters

Containers make strong fire proof supports with lock up storage, for fixed or temporary needs.  Canopies are available up to 27 meters wide with twistlock bolt connections for easy and speedy install and dismantle.

Industrial Tents

Industrial Tents with aluminium beams can be basic or glam and be used for short and long term needs globally.  They offer the largest width/length/height ratios; can have solid walls and are good value big spaces.

Inflatable Air Arches

Inflatable Structures have been deployed in Europe and USA for decades for events and sports halls.  They have a role to play in Australia and will introduce Aerostat and Air Tube structures for events and industrial jobs.


Pavilions are engineered fabric structures that can be as basic or prestige as you are willing to invest.  These types of structures are found in stadiums, galleries and event premises as roof features and enclosures.