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Arch Shelter Fabric Structures

 ​About Us At Arch Shelter

Sourcing and Manufacture of Special Projects

Sourcing - Manufacturing

We have dealt with many manufacturers in Australia, China and Europe and can pinpoint the best option for your needs.  Good deals are from overseas suppliers but reliability is often found locally.

Installation and Construction of Arch Shelters


Installation includes preparing the ground to erecting the structure. Splash now uses our own installation teams and will insist that our Supervisor be on hand for all installs, even if by online hook up.

Design and Engineering of Arch Shelters

Design & Engineering

Arch Shelter Structures must meet Aust NZ building codes.  Drawings are supplied to our manufacturers then buildings are signed off by Engineers on site at the end of installation to activate warranty


Arch Shelters are locked to the ground with specific footings to satisfy the wind/lift ratio, soil or ground cover of site.  Anchors include screw piles, stakes, concrete blocks, bolts and twist locks.


Arch Shelters range between 6 to 60 meters therefore equipment to support installation also varies.  Fork and Scissor​ Lifts, Tele Handlers and Crane Crews  are all used where beneficial.


Fabrics include hard working fire retardent PVC's and International Polythylenes.  Optional skins include Recyclable Poly's and Fire Proof P​VC for Aviation and Public Place Events


Teams are trained and ticketed for working on construction sites, for heights and equipment used.  Regulation body, head and feet protection are mandatory.  Insurances!