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Hello thanks for visiting our local introduction page for the districts of Bathurst, Dubbo and Orange.  
Arch Shelter now focuses upon the design and installation of Fabric Structures projects for work, play and industrial needs.  


After ten (10) years we have given our regional doorway pages a needed upgrade. Technology moves along so fast and post Covid we have made some changes to our business structure.

Container Shelters

Container Shelters

Steel Shipping containers are quick and easy to position, have excellent fireproof walls adding extra ballast with a lock up. They can carry canopies up to 30 meters wide.

Hull Arch Shelters

Hull Arch Shelters

Hull Roof Arch Shelters take heat to the apex in Summer and handle wind, rain and snow better than all roof types, particularly in the high range regions of the Central West.

Hangar Arch Shelters

Hangar Arch Shelters

Hangar Shape Arch Shelters are popular as PVC storage sheds and aircraft hangars and shelters. Canopies can have side frames 1-6 meters high or be a Ground Dome.

Super Arch Shelters

Super Arch Shelters

These fabulous European Domes are available up to 40 meters diam and can be have full fireproof skins. Ideal for publically safe Events Pavilions or Aircraft Hangars

Industrial Tents

Industrial Tents and Pavilions

The whoppers of industrial tents these hardworking structures can be as fancy or basic as you need. Up to 100m wide they make good value relocatable space!

Air Arch Shelters

Inflatable Arch Shelters

Inflatable Buildings are common in Europe. We will offer a variety of unique structures (air supported or air tube) in 2022. So excited!

Arch Shelters and Industrial Tents

Arch Shelters (brand) are steel frame fabric structures that are as stable as traditional buildings but fully relocatable like industrial tents.  Arch Shelters are set apart from Industrial Tents through their engineering which takes into consideration Australian and New Zealand Building Standards. 

Industrial Tents and Pavilions are a range of Aluminium or Steel frame Fabric Structures that can be for semi-permanent or temporary use and be Basic or Designer in appeal.  Designer Pavilions are mainly used for events, entertainment and sports.  Industrial Tents have many industrial applications e.g. for warehouses, light industry factories, produce packing and arenas, to name a few.  Keep an eye out for our Inflatable Range to be released this year.

Industrial Pavilions are designed and built to order and range from:  20 to 100 Meters wide.  Wall heights are available in 3 Meters, 4 Meters, 6 Meters and 8 Meters.

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