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Arch Shelter Fabric & Flat Pack

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Splash designs, manufactures and markets, a growing range of Fabric and Flat Pack Structures!

Our range includes Portable Arch Shelters and Industrial Tents with aluminium or steel frames backed up by Flat Pack EPS Buildings.

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Splash Arch Shelters & Industrial Tents

Splash Fabric Arch Shelters are widely used as portable sheds, hangars, warehouses, barns,  workshops, packing or storage spaces and general amenities. Optional covers include PVC, PE and Shade Cloth.

Available for shipment to anywhere in Western Australia, many are certified for DIY assembly, and a useful, affordable solution for the mining, rural and aviation industries plus any other private or organisation looking for cost effective space.

Our standard models will withstand wind gusts of up to 120 kph (Cyclone 1 Region A). We can also upgrade the cyclone strength to Regions B and C, to with stand winds up to 233 kph (cyclone 4).  

But! We are getting real about the increase of cyclonic weather in the Pacific, and the indeterminable winds of a Cyclone 5.  We will likely recommend our Hard Top Arch Shelters below, and watch out for the release of our quick dismantle "Roll Off Fabric Structures" that will be released this year. 

Hard Top Arch Shelters have the same function as our soft tops, but are manufactured from all steel or hard synthetic materials. These are recommended for situations that require maximum security, fire hazard and weather extreme protection.

Standard Arch Shelters in widths:  6 meters up to 30 meters custom build.

Industrial Tents

Geared mainly to events and parties use, with some industrial applications, we also offer a range of Aluminium Frame PVC Marquee Tents and Steel Pole Party Tents.

Splash Flat Pack Structures 

Flat Pack Containers, Cabins and Houses 

Flat Pack Containers are fully modular and can be joined and stacked to 2 high into a complex.  They are ready insulated and wired for immediate use.Add on's include glass wall panels, sliding glass doors, roller doors,  kitchenettes, bathrooms, gable roofs, patios and stairs.  Paint in your own colours or change the steel cladding to a ribbed variety.

Steel Folding Containers are similar to shipping containers with the exception they have no twist locks and can be assembled or disassembled in just on hour. 

Both Container products are a fabulous aid to industries on the move, and strong enough to withstand winds up to 233 kph (cyclone 4) ...

EPS Panel Structures are for fixed structure development projects in houses, warehouses and hangars.

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Portable buildings are becoming more popular as fixed structures ... with the start stop economies that most businesses now experience, many appreciate the option of being able to move their structures at any time the future.


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