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The Arch Shelter Brand is about portable and fixed Fabric Structures.  We design, source, manufacture and install custom build structures across Australia and South Pacific.  

Our range includes Arch Shelters, Industrial Tents, Pavilions and Inflatable Structures.


We are upgrading this massive site and attempt to focus each hand written page to to appeal to the local community.

This page is for Shires of Eurobodalla and Bega Valley targetted to EdenBega Batemans Bay As you might imagine,  we love birds too.

Arch Shelters and Fabric Structures

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Container Domes

Container Domes

Available in usable space widths of 6 - 27 meters, container domes install upon steel shipping containers to create a highly relocatable shade structure or enclosed building that has fireproof walls (safe for welding) and has a secure lock up for tools and equipment.

Industrial Tents Pavilions

Industrial Tents Pavilions

Industrial Tents and Pavilions are the largest of the fabric structure range with many options.  Structures can be as basic or high design as you desire. Aluminium Tents are available to 100 meters (50 meter No-Frills pictured). Steel Pavilions can be engineered to any size.

Inflatable Buildings

Air Arch Inflatable Shelters

Popular in Europe for many years, Australia has not yet taken up these potentially huge structures. We will offer aerostat and air tube styles ideal for covering sports sites, e.g. tennis, bowling, football and pools, plus some new industrial inflatables arriving this year.

Hull Roof Arch Shelters

Hull Arch Shelters

Hull Roof Arch Shelters are a good shape in Australia (if viable) because summer air can be channelled to a roof vent keeping the structure at its best temperature. Fabric skins are cooler than metal roofs and the hull shape is the best windy weather handler of all roof shapes. 

Dome Arch Shelters

Dome Arch Shelters

Fabric Domes can be installed upon the ground as Ground Domes or be mounted upon frames or posts  (1 - 6 meters high).  Fabric Domes are well known in Australia  and still popular with mining, aviation, agriculture, sports and general industry as hangars, warehouses and play areas.

Super Arch Shelters

Super Arch Shelters

We located these Super Arch Shelters in Europe, super because they can be up to 40 meters wide.  Arch Shelters are mostly used as relocatable aircraft hangars,  warehouses, factories and packing sheds. They are the  ideal size for many popular sports.  Fire Retardent or Fireproof skins!

Arch Shelters and Industrial Tents

Fabric Arch Shelters are our brand and trading name for fixed or fully relocatable fabric shelters that are manufactured from strong, clear span or double truss steel frames and tensioned fabrics (PVC, PE or Shade Cloth).   Arch Shelters differ from Industrial Tents in that they are engineered to satisfy IBC and Australian and New Zealand building codes and take into consideration the local terrain and weather ratings given to each locality in Australia. 

Galvanized steel frames and tensioned fabric covers produce a dome or hull shaped canopy that is as strong as any other engineered structure.  Unlike a metal roof, fabric skins do not heat up in the sometimes blistering sun to worsen the temperature below, keeping them like a "shaded tree", delightful to play and work beneath and comfortable animal housing too.  We source good quality fabrics which can be from Australia, Europe USA or Korea.

Arch Shelters are used as smaller pavilions, play shade structures, relocatable warehouses, portable workshops and aircraft hangars. They can be developed as shade shelters or fully enclosed buildings that are optionally insulated using a second skin of the same fabric (or space blanket) to allow air-conditioning to cool or heat. 

Industrial Tents and Pavilions  are custom designed and sourced from USA,  Europe and China.  Industrial Tents usually have Aluminium Frames and Pavilions normally have Steel Frames but there are new materials (like Bamboo and Wood) showing up on the sustainable charts as options.    Structures can be as "no frills basic" or designer prestige as you are willing to invest in. 

Industrial Tents are most used around the world for events and sports with a growing industrial place as warehouses, factory space and produce packing sheds.    Steel Pavilions are traditionally associated with Stadiums and Arenas, Decorative Shade Structures,  Outdoor Theatres, Exhibitions and other Features.

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