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Splash offers small to large hangars and structures for aircraft, helicopters, training rooms, offices, workshops and everything else aviation. Our range now includes: 

  • Fabric and Hard Top Arch Shelters,
  • Flat Pack Container Structures and 
  • EPS Panel Buildings.

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Portable Fabric Aircraft Hangars.

Fabric Arch Shelters  to 30 M Wide.

The difference between a "tent" and an Arch Shelter is the engineering.  Arch Shelters are designed using the same building codes as regular structures, and manufactured to meet wind speed ratings up to Cyclone 4 (C Region).  The strong steel frames and tensioned fabric roofs have a smooth high camber permitting wind to slip across the canopy without excessive drag and minimised parachute effect. They can be closed up with end walls and a variety of fabric and hard walls and doors.

You cannot fry an egg on a canopy ...  neither will it freeze ... and hail stones bounce off them like tennis balls...

Arch Shelter fabrics are as strong and flame proof as other common metal and synthetic materials used in modern construction, with the exception that fabrics are naturally cooler in hot temperatures, and warmer in colder weather.  Snow will slide away from the none freezing canopy and hail stones will bounce away like tennis balls, leaving no marks or dints on the structure, or on your precious aircraft.   We call upon a variety of Australian, European and Korean fabrics to fit the need.

Fire Hazard & Security Solutions

If "portable" is a convenient concept for you, but you need the steel walls, seriously consider shipping containers to support a portable fabric hangar  ... these will provide quick solid, fire proof walls that can be stacked up to 6 (17 Meters) high, and provide some lock up security...   Newish containers look really smart, and can be rented.  Many aviation organisations convert their containers into airconditioned offices and workshops (read more about this below).   You then have the option of industrial gates or solid end walls with doors, roller, slide, hydraulic ... that's a budget decision.  Container Arch Shelters have a base rail that clicks into the twist locks, no welding, no fuss.

Hard Top Arch Shelters Hangars are for those who MUST have maximum security, fire hazard and weather extreme protection. A range of smaller portable and larger fixed, hard tops are manufactured from solid materials ranging from full traditional steel panels, to the new solid synthetic materials.  

We only supply cyclone certified structures to the tropical localities that require them.

Visit:   Splash Structures Official Website

Portable Flat Pack Buildings

Flat Pack Containers are an astonishingly useful idea ...  even though designed after the shipping container, they are already insulated and wired, and arrive as a flat pack kit with all the accessories you  have ordered,  to be used for offices, kiosks, lounges, sleeping quarters, flight school premises, storage sheds or whatever!

Flat pack means they go up .. and dismantle when you need.  They can also be moved in one piece, like a regular container, using a forklift, crane and/or flat bed truck.

These modular boxes can be a single unit or join/stack together to make a mini complex.

You can posh up the flat white steel wall structures to suit your taste by painting to the colour scheme you desire or applying a local vinyl cladding if away from fire hazards.   Perhaps add a gable or slant roof with patio.   We can also offer you a factory change of steel cladding to container style ribbed or Australiana style corrugated.  The interesting add-ons include glass panels, partitions, windows, roller doors and sliding glass doors.  

Stack to two (2) high and join for larger complex of office, storage or training needs.  Kitchenettes, Bathrooms and Staircases are also available.  

Note: Flat Packs must be modified to carry canopies!

Flat Pack Containers are our lead up to EPS Panel Structures projects which are a range of portable and fixed buildings solutions, which include the bigger hangars shown in the images above.

Steel Folding Containers another excellent idea for quick build and portable storage, these are the same as steel shipping containers, but without the Twist Locks and they fold down into a Flat Pack.  

You can still move around with a fork lift and trailer ... optional industrial wheels are also available.

Portable Aircraft Hangars and Flat Pack Aviation Buildings


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