Portable and Fixed Sports Structures

Splash is in the business of portable and fixed structures for many industrial uses, and this page is our promotion for our Sports Halls, Pavilions and other Shelter facilities.  

Splash structures are safe and cost effective solutions for many schools and sports organisations around the world, including  Basketball;  Swimming; Tennis; Badminton; Table Tennis; Bowls; Skating; Indoor Cricket; Netball; Indoor Soccer; Equestrian; Go-Cart; Golf Range;  Gymnasium and any other sport we may have missed.

Arch Shelter Portable Sports Pavilions.

Featuring both Soft and Hard Top Hangars

Fabric Arch Shelters are engineered fabric structures that have steel frames and tensioned PVC or Polyethylene membranes. Arch Shelters are much stronger than industrial tents and designed to be used for temporary or permanent building use.  We do also have a select range of Aluminum Frame Industrial Tents.

Fabric Structures are naturally cooler in hot climates, and warmer in colder regions ... snow slides away from the none freezing canopy and hail stones bounce away like tennis balls, leaving no marks or dints as they do in metal.  This equates to being easy to maintain and very pleasant to work and play beneath ...

Container Arch Shelters are fabric hangars mounted across containers. The concept of container shelters is for quick to construct and dismantle portable buildings with immediate solid steel walls that can be stacked to good heights (e.g. 12 meters high), and support hard end walls and doors or gates, for maximum security and fire proofing.   Newish containers can look very smart and be rented for temporary siting's or to stagger costs.  Many sports organizations convert their containers into air-conditioned offices and amenities.   You have the option of industrial gates or solid walls and doors at the ends too for extra security.

Hard Top Arch Shelters Hangars are more traditional and manufactured from solid materials ranging from full traditional steel panels, to the new solid synthetic materials.  No dangerous or toxic materials are present in our structures and safe for schools.

We only supply cyclone certified structures to the tropical localities that require them, and all of our container canopies have our twist lock base rail that requires no welding.

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Portable Flat Pack Sports Structures

Splash offers a range of peripheral items to support sports structures, and don't hesitate to ask if there is anything else we can source to assist your structure

  • Portable Flooring 
  • Matting
  • Synthetic Turf
  • Flat Pack Containers (insulated)
  • Flat Pack Amenities
  • Offices - Cabins - Storage

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Portable Sports Structures and Buildings

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